Section 10



10.     Secondary Control Group


          Secondary Control Group members could be asked to attend the Emergency Operations Control Centre on an "as needed" basis depending on the type of Emergency. The following section outlines the duties of the municipally control departments. For most of the other institutions and organizations their Emergency mandates are prescribed by the Provincial Ministries or Federal Ministries they fall under. In the vast majority of these institutions and organizations their departments mandate them to have their own emergency response and recovery plans. For the City of Sarnia each department is recommended to develop their own Departmental Emergency Response Plan, a Departmental Business Contingency Plan and a Recovery plan in place.


          The Secondary Control Group includes but is not limited to:




-                  Chief Building Official

-                  Purchasing Agent

-                  Transit Manager (Sarnia Transit)

-                  Director Planning & Building.

-                  Director of Corporate Services.

-                  Director of Finance

-                  Air Port Manager (Contracted)

-                  Manager, Operations Services

-                  Manager of Information Services




          -         Manager, Bell Canada, Sarnia

          -         Manager, Blue water Power Distribution

          -         Operations Manager, Union Gas Limited, Sarnia

-                  Hydro One Regional Manager

-                  Ontario Clean Water Association (LAWS)




-                  Bluewater Health        

          (1) Norman St. Site Hospital          (2) Mitton St. Site Hospital





-                  Lambton Kent District School Board (Public)

-                  St. Clair Catholic School Board

-                  Private School Boards & Out of Town School Boards



0.1     City of Sarnia Chief Building Official


          a.       Inspect all structures for visual assessment of damage and advise if any dangerous or unsafe conditions exist.


          b.       If necessary, engage the services of a professionally qualified engineer to determine the structural adequacies of the structure.


          c.       Check for possible gas/water line ruptures or breaks.



0.2     City of Sarnia Purchasing Department (Purchasing Agent)


          Assist the Emergency Operations Control Group in the procurement of essential equipment, supplies and services required as well as making an assessment of a prepare a list of available resources.

a.              Providing and securing of equipment and supplies not owned by the Corporation of the City of Sarnia.

b.             Ensuring liaison with purchasing agents of the neighbouring communities if required.

c.              Maintaining and updating a list of all vendors (including 24 hour contact numbers) who may be required to provide supplies and equipment.



0.3     City of Sarnia Transit Manager (Sarnia Transit)


a.    Arrange for the provision of buses for transporting evacuees from designated pick up points in the disaster area to Emergency Reception Centres or to safe locations centres as needed.

b.    Reroute public transportation.

c.    Provide a list of vehicles and fuel resources for an emergency event.

d.    Procure staff to assist the emergency event, as required.

e.    Ensure that a record is maintained of drivers and operators involved.



10.4     City of Sarnia Planning & Development Dept.


a.    Provide mapping and zoning information to the Primary Control Group.

b.    Provide assistance in a recovery phase when requested by the City Manager.



10.5     City of Sarnia Human Resources Dept.


a.    Coordinating and processing requests for human resources.

b.    Coordinating offers of, and appeals for, volunteers with the support of the Primary Control Group. (This may include additional registration of volunteers for Emergency Reception Centres, Telephone inquiry call in lines, recovery work parties etc.)

c.    Selecting the most appropriate site(s) for the registration of human resources.

d.    Ensuring that Volunteer Registration Forms are completed, when volunteers are involved and that a copy of the form is retained for Sarnia City records and for insurance coverage.

e.    Ensuring that records of human resources and administrative details that cover any financial liability are completed.

f.      Ensuring that identification cards are issued to volunteers and temporary employees when required.

g.    Arranging for the transportation of human resources to and from the various site(s). (Ex. Sarnia Transit)

h.    Obtaining assistance, if required from Human Resources Development Canada, Department of National Defence (EMO), as well as other government departments, public and private agencies and community volunteer groups.    Note: All requests for Federal Assistance should be made through Emergency Management Ontario by declaring.



10.6     City of Sarnia Air Port Manager

a.    To ensure that municipal emergency responders (Sarnia Police Services and Sarnia Fire Rescue and Sarnia Emergency Management are provided with current Air Port Emergency Plans and Mapping.

b.    To provide overall leadership to the Sarnia Primary Control Group in the case of a Sarnia Air Port Emergency.

c.    To provide the required documentations to federal regulatory departments. Such as Transport Canada.

d.    To be involved in any Media Briefings regarding Sarnia Chris Hadfield Air Port concerns during an emergency event.

e.    To Ensure that the Sarnia Chris Hadfield Emergency Plans are kept current tested and conveyed to emergency Responders.



10.7     Manager, Operations Services


a.    To assist the Sarnia Primary Control Group Chair and the Emergency Operations Control Group in all matters relating to water distribution, sewer systems, streets, refuse collection and other related engineering responsibilities.

b.    To provide municipal vehicles and equipment with operators. (Ex. Snow Ploughing Escorts for Emergency Vehicles during heavy snowfalls, sand bagging, etc.).

c.    To provide for transportation and set up of barricades and flashers as requested.

d.    To arrange with public and private utility suppliers to discontinue service when this is considered necessary.

e.    To determine if additional special equipment, vehicles or manpower is needed and to make the necessary arrangements for procurement.

f.      To keep the Primary Control Group through the Engineering Director aware of actions taken and resource request.

g.    To keep track of all human resources in the field during any emergency event.

h.    To keep a financial record of expenditures.



10.8     Manager of Information Services


a.    To be prepared to provide technical services to the Primary Control Group when required.

b.    To have municipal departmental security policies and back up policies for Municipal files at work stations.

c.    To be involved in any Emergency Recovery Committee as requested by the Sarnia City Manger.



10.9     Manager, Bell Canada, Sarnia

          Will provide emergency service to City Hall, hospitals, Police Station, welfare centres, Fire Department, Public Works and Utilities. Sarnia Emergency Management provides Municipal key phone numbers to Priority Access Dialling Services.



10.10 Manager, Bluewater Power Distribution


Bluewater Power formerly Sarnia Hydro has emergency crews and procedures for responding to emergencies and will provide assistance to the community in an emergency.  If the emergency load shedding plan is instituted, Bluewater Power will notify City of Sarnia personnel. Bluewater Power will provide to Sarnia Emergency Management current emergency Contact numbers, which will be included in the Sarnia Emergency Management Response Plan.



10.11 Operations Manager, Union Gas Limited, Sarnia


          Union Gas has emergency crews and procedures for responding to emergencies and will provide assistance to the community in an emergency.  If the emergency load shedding plan is instituted, Union Gas will notify Sarnia City personnel. Union Gas will provide to Sarnia Emergency Management current emergency Contact numbers, which will be included in the Sarnia Emergency Management Response Plan.



10.12 Bluewater Health (Local Hospital Sites)

a.    To be prepared to provide the Sarnia Primary Control Group with a Hospital administrator / Representative during an emergency when Sarnia Municipal resources may be required by the Hospitals and for the community. (Transportation, traffic, fuelling resources, lodging, support services etc).

b.    Bluewater Health (Hospitals) as a critical Infrastructure and within the municipality of Sarnia are to ensure that a copy of the site emergency plan with floor plans for  each Hospital Site within the Municipality of Sarnia is provided to Sarnia Emergency Management for safe storage during an emergency incident, where off site coordination may be required. In addition Blue Water Health is responsible to provide a Hospital Emergency site plans to both the Sarnia Police Services and Sarnia Fire Services.



10.13 Educational Institutions:


a.    It is the responsibility of all Educational Institutions to have Emergency Plans in place for their site for the safety of the children under their care. All Educational Emergency Plans for facilities within the municipality of Sarnia should be provided and discussed with Sarnia Emergency Management, Sarnia Fire and Rescue and with Sarnia Police Services.

b.    All Educational Institutions within the City of Sarnia relying on Sarnia Emergency Services should provide on site and of site 24/7 emergency contact numbers for their facilities to the Sarnia 9-1-1 centre and to Sarnia Emergency Management, along with current floor plans for all facilities.



10.14   Alternates or designate


Note:  Officials listed in the primary and secondary control groups shall have one or more alternates to take over in the event the official is absent, incapacitated or has worked many hours and needs relief. The names and phone numbers of the alternates shall be provided to the Emergency Planning Team for inclusion in the Corporation of the City of Sarnia Emergency Management Response Plan, under Appendix "A" - Emergency Phone numbers (Note: these numbers are not available to the General Public for Security Purposes).


Officials listed in the Primary and Secondary Control Groups are responsible to have Contingency Plans in place for their supervised areas or departments.



10.15  Recovery Plan


          Both the Primary and Secondary Control Groups will be assigned responsibilities and activities that may be required to bring the City of Sarnia back to its pre-emergency state.  It will be activated (in whole or in part) at the direction of the Emergency Primary Control Group.  This will be determined by the nature of the emergency and its aftermath, but will normally occur once the immediate response to the emergency has been completed.


          A.  Recovery committee will be members of the Primary Control Group.


          The Secondary Control Group will be divided into Sub-Committees that will report to the Recovery Committee (Primary Control Group).


          B.  At the very least there should be representation of:


                    -         A Human Needs Sub-Committee


                    -         An Infrastructure Sub-Committee


                    -         A Finance Sub-Committee


                              Other agencies or sub-committee may be added to the Sub-Committees' list as appropriate.  Each Sub-Committee needs to have representation from a member of City Council on it.