Section 11



11.1   Ambulance Service (Lambton EMS)


          The Supervisor of the Ambulance Central Communications in Wallaceburg is responsible to ensure sufficient ambulances are available, in the event of an emergency.  In addition, if required, arrange for assistance from commercial carriers and St. John Ambulance to assist the Ambulance Service.  Medical triage from Sarnia hospitals will be handled by Lambton EMS.



11.2   Area Hospitals


          Blue Water Health Services Disaster Plan will be implemented by the hospital authorities learning an emergency exists.  Disaster Plans of other hospitals and Health Care Facilities in the area may be implemented on the request of the Medical Officer of Health.



11.3   Bell Telephone


          Will provide emergency service to City Hall, hospitals, Police Station, welfare centres, Fire Department, Public Works and Utilities. (See Priority Access Dialing Emergency Telecommunications Sarnia Community Emergency Management Coordinator CEMC)



11.4   Bluewater Power Distribution (Formerly Sarnia Hydro) and Union Gas


          Hydro and Union Gas have emergency crews and procedures for responding to emergencies and will provide assistance to the community in an emergency.  If the emergency load shedding plan is instituted, Blue Water Power Distribution will notify Sarnia City personnel.



11.5   St. John Ambulance Association


          Sarnia Division to provide Mobile First Aid Units, First Aides and supplies for First Aid Posts as designated by the Medical Officer of Health.



11.6   Lambton Kent District School Board and St. Clair Catholic School Board.


          a.       Will be responsible for the control of school populations, school buildings and facilities and school buses in the emergency area.


          b.       If required, reception centre(s) will be located in secondary schools.  The Principal will be in charge of the building, but the Reception Centre Manager or his/her designate will operate, direct and supervise the Centre. (See School Board and City agreement for use of Schools during an Emergency at Sarnia Emergency Operations Room) (St. Christopher Secondary, St. Patrick’s High School (Hospital Back Up). Northern Collegiate, Alexander Mackenzie Secondary School, St. Clair Secondary School and Sarnia Collegiate Institute & Technical School would be used as back up shelters for the Sarnia Emergency Management Response Plan.



11.7   Canadian Red Cross, Sarnia/Lambton Branch


          a.       Red Cross has an emergency organization and procedures for responding to emergencies and will, when requested, provide assistance to the community in time of emergency.


          b.       The role of the disaster service of the Red Cross will be as follows:


                    i.        Health Services


                              (a)    On request of Medical Officer, to provide volunteers to assist with care of injured.


                              (b)   To provide Registration and Family reunification when requested. See Sarnia Emergency Management Operational Guides for contact numbers and procedures).


                    ii.       Sarnia Community Services Emergency Reception Centre

                              Under the direction of the Director of Arenas and Recreation, provide volunteers and:


                              (a)    To register persons affected by disaster.

                              (b)   To obtain information regarding missing family members.

                              (c)    To reunite separated families.

                              (d)   To answer inquiries regarding safety of missing persons.



11.8   Department of National Defense 1st Hussars


          The Department of National Defense is represented locally by the 1st Hussars.  They are able to provide radio communications, vehicles, manpower and other essential services in the event of an emergency.  To obtain service, contact must be made with the Central Region Operations Staff (Toronto) at 1-416-633-6200.  After duty hours, simply ask the DND operator for the Central Regional Operations Staff Duty Officer. All requests for service should be made through Emergency Management Ontario by declaring.



11.9   Canadian Coast Guard


          a.       Canadian Coast Guard is committed to ensure effective procedures are in place to deal with marine emergencies and pollution incidents involving oil and hazardous materials.


          b.       They are responsible for ensuring that Marine Traffic in the St. Clair River is stopped in the event of an emergency that may affect waterway transportation.


          c.       If a municipal situation arises which could have an impact upon he marine activities, Sarnia Police Service will contact the Canadian Coast Guard Traffic Centre and advise the Watch Supervisor.



11.10 A.R.E.S. Amateur Radio Emergency Service (Thames West Sector) 


          The Lambton County Radio Club, through the Sarnia-Lambton Amateur Radio Emergency Service (A.R.E.S.), will provide communications as requested.  Notification of an emergency can be done by way of a phone patch network.  The Emergency Operations Centre presently houses a permanent amateur radio station for ready communications.  A.R.E.S. members hold Emergency Passes for access to restricted locations, and will be responsible for delivering the command post and providing all communications as instructed.  Permanent equipment has also been installed at the Red Cross Headquarters, Lambton College, Lambton Health Unit, St. Joseph's Hospital and the Mobile Command Post Bus.



11.11 The Sarnia Salvation Army

          The Salvation Army of Sarnia has a formal agreement with the City of Sarnia to work with Sarnia Community Services in managing Emergency Reception Centres for the City of Sarnia.    Members will work in conjunction with City Hall Community Services staff. (For a detailed Emergency Reception Centre Plan and resource lists for the City of Sarnia see Sarnia Emergency Management Operational Guides .



11.12 Lambton College


          Lambton College is the Major Primary Reception Centre location.  Lambton County Radio Club members have a permanently installed antenna. Additional Emergency Reception Centres would be the High Schools of both the Public & Separate School Boards see City agreement at Sarnia E.O.C.)



11.13 Municipal Mutual Aid Agreements


          A number of Mutual Aid Agreements exist throughout the area some of which are Fire and Police Mutual Aid Agreements. (See Various Departments.

This Emergency Plan also allows the City of Sarnia Community Emergency Management Coordinator to establish other reciprocal aid agreements and co-ordination of Emergency Planning  with local school boards, private facilities, and municipalities within the County of Lambton (Ontario) and within St. Clair County (Michigan), as well as with the two aforementioned counties.. Emergency reciprocal aid will be provided based on authorization by the Primary Control Group and / or the Emergency Operations Centre Chair.



11.14 International Cross Boarder Agreements


The City of Sarnia and Port Huron have had mutual aid agreements in place for many years. Among these agreements are Cross Boarder Agreements between   the Fire Rescue Services and Police Services from both communities.