Section 10


10.       Secondary Control Group

10.1     City of Sarnia Chief Building Official

10.2     City of Sarnia Purchasing Department (Purchasing Agent)

10.3     City of Sarnia Transit Manager (Sarnia Transit)

10.4     City of Sarnia Planning & Development Dept.

10.5     City of Sarnia Human Resources Dept.

10.6     City of Sarnia Airport Manager

10.7     Manager, Operations Services

10.8     Manager of Information Services

10.9     Manager, Bell Canada, Sarnia

10.10   Manager, Bluewater Power Distribution

10.11   Operations Manager, Union Gas, Sarnia

10.12   Bluewater Health (Local Hospital Sites)

10.13   Educational Institutions

10.14   Alternates or Designate

10.15   Recovery Plan


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