Section 8


8.1     Media Outlet Definition

8.2     Division of Media Policy

8.3     Three Stages of an Emergency

8.4     The Infancy Stage

8.5     Control Stage

8.6     Restoration Stage

8.7     Life Saving Stage

8.8     Pre-Emergency Notification

8.9     Infancy Stage

8.10   Head of Council and Media Releases

8.11   Communicating Progress of an Emergency

8.12   Medias Efforts to Cover the Story

8.13   CAER Media Identification Cards or Industry Incidents

8.14   Site Media Centre

8.15   If Emergency Site is not accessible

8.16   Location of Secondary Media Briefing Room

8.17   Media Briefings

8.18   Out-of-Town Media

8.19   Public Information Officers Emergency Communications

8.20   City of Sarnia Public Awareness Program


End of Section