IMS 100 Test

Thank you for joining us today for IMS-100.
There are 20 questions below, multiple choice and is open book.  Must correctly answer 16/20.
Test will be available until 5:00pm today.

Questions/comments/concerns, please call me directly: 519-328-5009

Ron Realesmith
Manager, Emergency Management and Corporate Security

1: What contributed to the development of the Incident Management System (IMS)?
2: The vision for IMS in Ontario is:
3: IMS is predicated on:
4: What is Interoperability?
5: The functions that directly support Command are:
6: The Planning function entails:
7: The General Staff is comprised of:
8: Describe a Division:
9: Which is true of an IAP?
10: What is the Operational Period?
11: Resources include:
12: Resources are defined by:
13: A main focus of internal information management is:
14: Emergency information includes:
15: Specific terms and standard symbols are used to identify incident facilities so that:
16: An incident facility specifically designated, and from which is coordinated emergency information activities such as: press releases, receiving public queries, media briefings, and monitoring, is called:
17: The transfer of Incident Command from one responder to another:
18: Unified command may be set up when:
19: One of the first responsibilities of all operational resources arriving at an incident is to:
20: The activities of checking-in, briefing, debriefing, and demobilization (among others) are aids towards ensuring: